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DVD: Class C Motorhomes 101

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This title is no longer available at RVbookstore.com. It is available, however, at Amazon.com.

If you just bought your first Class C motorhome or you plan to rent one, you'll need to know how to operate it. The onboard systems — electrical, water, LP gas and waste — are often confusing to beginners. This 42-minute DVD from RV Education 101 provides an excellent understanding of how a Class C motorhome’s systems work and how to operate them safely. Host Mark Polk is an ex-RV dealer sales manager. "The same questions came up time and time again with first-time buyers ," he explained. "They'd take delivery of their new RV, and then ask me, 'Okay, what do I do now?' I'd end leading them around their new RV, explaining everything. One day, I realized I was giving the same tour over and over again." So decided a professional RV "how-to" video would be a big hit. And so he made one. Even though most RV dealers provide a brief overview of a newly purchased RV to a buyer, their "walk throughs" are seldom as thoroughand cannot be "replayed" for later reference. Besides explaining the various systems, Polk shows how to level a rig, hook it up in a campground, dump its holding tanks, expand the slideouts, operate the generator and air conditioners and how to determine how much weight can be taken along without jeopardizing a rig’s safe operation. He also shows how to set up an awning, fold out beds, clean a water system, light the stove and oven, inspect for leaks in the LP gas system, and how to keep the toilet from smelling like an outhouse. And there is much more.
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